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Hi I'm Rosetta!

Artist, Illustrator, & Graphic Designer

I specialise in playful illustrations & brand design.
Adding meaning & influence
to your visual storytelling.

Asset 2_edited.png

Brand Pattern


Rosetta is flat out, one of the best people and one of the best creative designers I’ve met. They say that people buy from people they like. and if that’s true, Rosetta’s going to get really busy! Her smiley disposition, her talent and abilities, her creative flair, work ethic, and commitment to not only producing the very best work, but to do it with a huge smile on her face. Rosetta has a genuine interest in giving you not just what you wanted, but at the same time, something so much better than you could have ever imagined. Her talent and personality really sets her apart from so many others.


Dave Briggs, Founder

Building Brands: Marketing Community


Welcome to Get the Zest!

I like to make things better with design.

I’m Rosetta Westbrook, but you can call me Rosetta ‘Lemon’, a nickname turned penned artist name I inherited owing to my love of all things zesty!

I’m an Exeter based artist, illustrator and graphic designer specialising in playful illustrations and brand design.

I use storytelling illustrations to help creative founders and marketing specialists like you, immerse your audience in relatable, memorable and inspirational visual experiences which attract, engage and build trust.

We work together in a creative collaboration, using illustration as a powerful tool to transform your audience brand experience from like the rest to beautiful, inspirational and memorable.

Your visual marketing becomes more seamless and joyful for you, and easier for your audience to engage with, understand and take action towards.

I tap into over eight years of professional creative experience, and more than 15 years of artistic skills to deliver charming and surprising creative ideas which empathise with your audience’s needs. I help you explore imaginative ways to communicate your story to your audience through emotionally engaging imagery.

More from Get the Zest:

Shop (Coming soon)

Artwork, prints, stationery & homeware for colour and pattern lovers



Pattern library available for licensing



Got a design and illustration project in mind? Contact me to discuss.



To see how I can add some design flare and tummy tingles to your next project,

email me at my new email address

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