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Where colour comes to play

From client projects to in-house design, the sky is the limit
(as long as there's colour in it).

I work with an array of clients across the food & beverage, health, wellness and arts & culture sectors. 

What binds them all? A dedication to making a positive impact whether that be from an environmental, social, educational or wellbeing angle. 

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Brand Pattern


Rosetta is flat out, one of the best people and one of the best creative designers I’ve met. They say that people buy from people they like. and if that’s true, Rosetta’s going to get really busy! Her smiley disposition, her talent and abilities, her creative flair, work ethic, and commitment to not only producing the very best work, but to do it with a huge smile on her face. Rosetta has a genuine interest in giving you not just what you wanted, but at the same time, something so much better than you could have ever imagined. Her talent and personality really sets her apart from so many others.


Dave Briggs, Founder

Building Brands: Marketing Community

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